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When is election day this year?

Tuesday November 7th 2017 at the Rush United Methodist Church. 6200 Rush-Lima Rd. Rush NY 14543. There are several State and Federal elections for Rush this year. This year is a Presidential election.

How can I participate in the Rush Democratic committee or inquire about running for an elected position in Rush as a democrat or independent?

The Rush democratic committee meets once a month (2nd monday night 6:30-8:00) at the Rush Public Library. The committee always looks and encourages individuals that would like to participate or become a candidate. Please contact David Sluberski (Rush Democratic Committee member)

What Town of Rush elected positions are up for election this year??

In 2017, the Supervisor-Cathleen Frank (2 yr term) & two board seats – Rita McCarthy-Gerald Kusse)(4 year terms) will be open of election. The Rush Democratic Committee will endorse any resident, regardless of party, who will represent interests of all residents and taxpayers. If interested or know of someone, please contact us.

How can I participate regarding the future of Rush?

Attend town board meetings. The planning board, zoning board and conservation board also have major roles towards the decisions made by town officials. Join the democratic committee.

What is the timetable of the elected officials for the Town of Rush?

Supervisor Cathleen Frank (R) 2 year term – expires 2017             $31,017
Town Clerk Pamela Bucci (R) 4 year term – expires 2019              $53,050 + benefits
Town Justice Donald F. Knab (R) 4 year term – expires 2020       $13,760  (Appointed in 2016 to fill vacancy, then elected)
Town Justice Thomas Doupe (R) 4 year term – expires 2019       $13,760
Town Council Jillian Moore (R) 4 year term – expires 2019         $7,372   Recently married, new name Jillian Coffey, daughter of Jack Moore – Supervisor of Henrietta. Was appointed to zoning board, then appointed to town board, then elected in 2015.
Town Council Rita McCarthy(R)  4 year term – expires 2017         $7,372
Town Council Dan Woolaver (R-change party 2015) 4 year term – expires 2019 $7,372
Town Council Gerald Kusse (R) 2 year term (expires 2017)        $7,372       Former code enforcement officer.
There was some seat swapping (by Rush GOP) when several of these positions were appointed, then they ran for office.
Many voters were confused when they saw the ballot in 2015 and were curious as to how there was a two year term separating all
council seats which most thought were three equal positions up for election.

Highway Supt. Mark David (R) 4 year term – expires 2019               $72,223 + benefits

(2nd highest paid highway supervisor according to Rochester Business Journal)

The Town Board all voted to give themselves raises in the 2016 budget process.


What can I do about my assessment?

The assessor is governed by the state. A suggestion would be to search for properties that have recently sold (in this area) that are similar to your home. You can go to the town hall and look up any assessment on any home for comparison. Talk to the assessor and if not satisfied, sign up for the grievance process. It is up to you so be prepared with facts and figures. No one will look out for your interests but you. Look at to find recent sales and comparisons.