A letter to Rush Voters from Jeanne Yawman, former Rush Historian

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(Click to open pdf or read full version below) A letter from Jeanne Yawman to Rush voters


To Rush Voters:

Do you want to know what one Rush resident really thinks about the remarks from our candidates?  I think that the plans and goals that Kathryn Hankins and Dave Sluberski have listed are excellent for our town! They are sincere, heart-warming, and they will keep residents informed, engaged and promptly answer our needs and concerns.

When the current town administration says, “Know the facts”, that’s good advice, but as voters, we need to know the honest truth. We need to see through the veil of twisted truth, so each of us can vote fairly and wisely.

The old saying, “Honesty is the Best Legacy”, is especially true in politics. It is not ethical to twist the facts, and definitely does not make one worthy to be a Supervisor and Town Board member in the judgment of town residents. To take credit for another’s accomplishment, or spending money unwisely, does not keep the priorities for our town in order.

A good town leader must be worth his or her mettle by stepping up to the plate to not only pledge plans to improve Rush, but to follow through on those pledges, and not just ride along on past achievements.

The debate requested by the Democratic Party could have been very beneficial.  Kathryn and Dave going door-to-door to learn what town folk really think and want was a good step.

According to results of our last election in 2011, 50% of Rush voters wanted change in our town’s government. I think that percentage has grown because of continued lack of attention to our town and its residents by the current town administration.

Rush is our home: voters want to have a voice and be involved.  Residents must have confidence in the people they vote into office.  An Open Town Government always welcomes new thoughts and ideas to lower taxes, have fair zoning, promote small businesses, support farmers, our town’s history and appearance of hamlet, and provide support and care to our seniors.

In this election let’s keep in touch with our town and put Rush back on the map in a positive way.

When you vote, ask yourself, “Which people are more dedicated to our town?”  I, for one, will be voting for Kathryn Hankins for Town Supervisor and Dave Sluberski for Town Board.

Jeanne Yawman

Former Rush Historian

Stoneybrook Road



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