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Jun 11, 2007 No Comments ›› Rush Democrats Webmaster Posted in: From the Town Council

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Attention Rush Residents!
The Rush Democratic committee proudly announces
Richard Spencer
As this year’s candidate for Rush Town Council
We need to improve the balance and democracy for our town. There are 9 elected officials with only 1 Democrat (Lisa Sluberski). Rick Spencer is an active community member and his resume speaks for itself. He would be a valuable addition to our town council.
Dear Rush Residents,
Thank you to all who responded to my spring letter. I appreciate hearing from you.
In addition to the information provided by the supervisor for the development plan for recreational facilities behind the town hall I would like to add some important information. The town currently has funds of approximately $44,750.00 in the recreation capital account for this project. The board’s hope is that the sale of Hart’s field will make up the remaining dollars needed to complete the project. I did suggest at a recent town board meeting that we do a new survey. I was quickly reminded that a survey was done previously. That survey was done seven years ago and only 375 residents were surveyed for their opinion, 250 surveys were mailed with a 131 residents responding and 125 phone calls were made.
I think it is time to broaden the views of the town board.
I encourage you to support Rick Spencer for Rush Town Council on Election Day 11/06/07. He has the commitment and expertise we need.
Lisa Sluberski

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