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Jan 9, 2007 No Comments ›› Rush Democrats Webmaster Posted in: From the Committee

Fellow Rush residents,
We have a big problem. Due to years of extremely bad management the County executive is gambling with our money. This latest example is called “The Intercept Plan” and this is how it works. The County Executive wants to keep a larger portion of sales tax revenue that the county currently shares with towns, villages, school districts and the City of Rochester; plus raise Monroe County’s sales tax to 8.75%. How would that impact you personally? The amount is approximately $850.00 per household in the town of Rush. If the Rochester economy gets better, the new agreement will actually make things worse in the long term. What could happen? Schools will layoff teachers and administrators. Towns will reduce services and increase local taxes in order to make up for lost revenue.
This is an issue for all taxpayers. It doesn’t matter if you’re Democratic, Republican or Independent. Go ask an elected republican official about this. One of three things will happen.
1) They will dodge the issue.
2) They will blame the democrats
3) You’ll get an honest answer and your jaw will drop to the ground.
Republicans Running from Responsibility. These are the new 3 Rs.
The Monroe County waters authority scandal. COMIDA tax breaks. The County Legislature voted to allow the County Executive to submit her budget after the general election.
These are all current examples of bad government. Power breeds corruption and creates lack of good judgement, integrity and accountability.
At the local level our incumbent elected officials need to improve their communication with the community, employees and other town boards. You are elected by the citizens of Rush to act as stewards of the town. We face challenges daily. The town is losing its agricultural landscape at an alarming rate while the population of the county is declining. What if a Wal-Mart or a MegaMall was proposed in Rush? Could we work together and include everyone’s point of view with civility?
We need a professional organization with the communication skills to match. However, good government is a two way street. I ask all Rush residents to participate, pay attention and be proactive. We owe it to our kids and future generations.
David Sluberski
Town Leader of the Rush
Democratic Committee.

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